Parents & Students Feedback

Sourabh Tiwari

Vocal Student

My name is Sourabh, and I live in the USA. I've been learning Hindustani music from the Sarasvati School of Music for over two years. I'm pleased with my overall progress in music so far. I do all my classes online, and it saves me a lot of time.

My teacher Mrs. Richa Shukla Ji is highly knowledgeable in music, she is punctual, and the best thing is that she teaches students at their pace. I would rate SSM 5 out of 5 based on their quality of teaching.

I highly recommend this institute if anyone wants to study music with a quality education.


Formal Feedback by Om's Parents

Ans. We choose SSM due to its learning methods which is simple and easy to understand  for students.

Method of teaching – excellent. 

Cost and Time – value for money & promptness as well as punctuality for timing.

Location does not matter since the online infrastructure has been working fine.

Pace of learning – The learning at SSM is in sync with my son’s speed of grasping .the observations& assessment made by you are true & transparent which makes him realize his shortcomings. This is the path towards a rock solid foundation for him.

Level of commitment – It is absolute commitment by you which has made it possible for him to excel in his journey till date.

Without a fair & micro assessment of his learnings to point out what to improve that too minutely it would not have been possible for him to reach this stupendous feet of secure merit in grade VIII. He missed out distinction by a whisker of 2 marks.

          5 Star Excellent.

A teacher (Rishi Kant Shukla) with rock solid fundamentals of musical knowledge who expresses  all the playing  methods& nitty gritty including technicalities  with such simplicity which makes learning like mentoring a child for walking like  first step with care.

You care your students like your own children.

Well our case has been exceptional which you handled with lots  of love & affection which made our child to excel to this height .

Nityanand & Priyam

Om Pathak Parent

Sahil Nanda

Keyboard Student

Saraswati School by Rishi Kant Shukla Sir is a great institute to learn various musical instruments. During COVID lockdown time, I started learning from Sir' YouTube channel and then took admission in the regular On-line classes. It has been a great experience. Rishi Sir has sound technical knowledge and is quite proficient in various musical instruments. His guidance is outstanding for clearing Trinity College Grade Exams. He instills a sense of confidence in his students even to perform in public forums without any fear. It is an honor to learn from Rishi Sir. Wishing you many more success ahead.


It is a great 2 years’ experience with online classes of Saraswati School of Music. Online classes saves time. My son enjoys the classes of Casio (Keyboard) with Rishi Sir. Rishi Sir teaches very well and makes child understand, he is very polite. My child played Keyboard in his school program and everyone appreciated him, for this I would like to thank Rishi Sir. This is the best institution of its kind. I would rate 5 stars Excellent.


Aryan's Mother

Abha Sarraf

Vedansh's Mother
Kanpur U.P

My name is Abha Sarraf, I am Vedansh Sarraf's mother. He has attended SSM since Grade 1 and is currently taking Rishi Kant Shukla sir's Grade 4 Plectrum Guitar class. He constantly looks forward to class and picks up new information each week because of how engaging the classes are and how everyone participates in providing the answers. Additionally, sir exhorts all students to compete in order to improve their performance and build their confidence. The communication with the parents is excellent, and Sir helps ease even the slightest uncertainties. The lessons are enjoyable for the children and the finest part is that, they are simple to learn.

Video Testimonials

Mr. K. C. Bajpai

Keyboard Student

Mr. Nityanand Pathak

Om's Father

Anjali Srivastava

Vocal Student


Sahil with his Father

Reena Rajput

Vocal Student

Mr. K. C. Bajpai

Keyboard Student