Fee Structure

The online Music School

Basic Starter

Beginners only

₹ 3200

  • Lessons for Beginners only
  • 2 Individual + 8 Group Classes/Month
  • Hindi/English Instructions
  • Duration: 40 minutes/class
  • Validity = one month

Regular Growth

Beginners to Intermediate

₹ 2000

  • Suitable till Grade 2
  • 8 Group Classes/month
  • Max. 6 Students in each Group
  • Duration: 40 minutes/class
  • Hindi/English Instructions
  • Validity = one month

Private Lessons

Beginners to Advance

₹ 4000

 4 Individual Classes/month

₹ 7200

 8 Individual Classes/month

  • Suitable for all Candidates
  • Our 1-1 music lessons will fulfil all your expectations.
  • Duration: 40 minutes/class
  • Hindi/English Instructions
  • Validity = one month
  • Pay in advance three months fee and get 10% discount. (Not Applicable on Basic starter Course)
  • There are 10% family discount in monthly fee, applicable if more than two person join from a family.  
  • There will be only maximum 10% discount applicable in any circumstances.
  • Please make sure you have an Internet connection, Installed zoom, Webcam and Headphone with microphone.
  • All Study material will provided by soft copy or video link. But you will need to purchase relevant grade book of Trinity.

All Children are Welcomes

  • It has been observed that children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) respond positively and pay attention to music.
  • So children with special needs are welcome to learn music in our online classes.
  • We will be happy to do everything in our capacity for all those children who is challenged with physical, or neurological needs
  • So any parents/Guardian have special need child with good music sense please contact via WhatsApp/E-mail, we will do everything for him/her whatever possible for us.

Classes for Senior Citizen

  • Gift your elderly Grandparents, Parents, aunts or uncles the joy of learning music.
  • To learn music age is no barrier, only need to feel up to it in spirit. It’s never too late to start learn Music in their growing years.
  • You’ll gift them lasting moments of peace and joy every day. Your reward is when they sing/play a song they’ve just learnt.

Music for Everyone

Business & Service class and Housewife

  • It is an amazingly convenient, efficient and affordable method of online education.
  • We  welcomes everyone, the musical genius to the musical beginners.
  • We will provide timings according to your preferences.
  • We will try to provide our best convenience for a busy housewife.
  • Learn music without disturbing your professional work.