Harmonium Online Lessons

Learn to Play Classical Raga Based Bhajan, Ghazal or Semi classical Bollywood songs on Harmonium Online classes

What you’ll learn


  • Alankars and finger practice exercises.
  • That, Raag, Swar Malika, Bandish, Alaap and Taan.
  • Indian classical ragas have the ability to influence the human mood significantly and increase the mental enjoyment.
  • The music notations for the melodies are provided in the Indian classical scale (sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni, sa) for each song.
  • Confidently lead melodies of Light Music, Bhajan, Ghazal and films Songs.
  • You will able to strongly influence the mood of the audience based on the ragas.
  • Develop and deeper appreciation of classical Indian ragas and tunes based on them.
  • You will gain a treasure of excellent melodies to make you an even better musician.
  • With our Online Harmonium classes, Become a much better Harmonium player.

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